Simply the Best. Released Sep 17th!

The delicious new Art-Pop LP from psychedelic absurdist Mikey Georgeson 

Stop me and buy one!

Order the CD here today! Download the LP below for £8!

This vibrant LP features 15 new tracks of Mikey's magic-mundane vision of pop known to fans of David Devant and his Spirit Wife. Plus two beautifully skewed cover versions, Smile and Ashes to Ashes. Free album preview stream is below together with new videos for P.A.I.N. and Ashes to Ashes.

If you don't have any pain how can you have the pleasure?



Lead track P.A.I.N. is a soulful, atmospheric meander through the question of whether or

not pleasure needs the shadow of pain to be felt. The track’s meaning is perhaps more

resonant because, like Lady Gaga, Mikey suffers from the pains of fibromyalgia syndrome.

The song’s video was created by legendary gonzo sex-reporter and writer, Ashley Hames.

As with William Blake’s Marriage of Heaven and Hell, merging opposites is key to understanding Mikey’s music.



We arrived at our holiday cottage with my mum and dad so I thought I'd read the welcome information. I discovered to my delight that the video for Ashes to Ashes was filmed right outside our garden gate on Pett Level beach. With the songs refrain of "my mother said to get things done" ringing in our ears my mum and I headed into the squally showers to film our epic homage using the version I recorded for the soon to be released Mr Mikey LP. I also managed to find a way of getting very close to the sumptuous digital tapestry textures of David Mallet's original. Many thanks to my Mum Margaret Michael N Margaret Georgeson for directing and filming this one!


"As a big thank you for visiting the sun-dappled region of Mr Mikey below is a special free track:

Snakes and Ladders."

Mr Mikey



Mr. Mikey Manor


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